Final exams are here!!

Monica and I are taking our final tests next tuesday, everything is a bit crazy now, studying, going to the library. It's like life has stopped for a few weeks and now you're supposed to be studying all the time but that's absolutely impossible. But when 11th of june arrives... that's gonna be AW...

Funny summer time

After so long

Hi everyone, I know we've been a little distracted with the blogg, but you need to forgive us because we've been taking a lot of exams and we bolth wannna be doctors so that having great grades is really important. But we finish this friday so i hope we can take some pics and post this weekend so...

Sicilia I miss you so much

There's nothing like this photos to describe a really wonderful week with friends and family. I've always been in love with Italy and I do have so many reasons. I just made a tumblr a week ago, it is hope you enjoy it!A lot of photos are from weheartit but also the...
Monica Laia

Monica Laia

16, Oslo

We are Laia and Monica, 16 years old. From spain. Hope you enjoy reading our blog and seeing all the pictures! contact: