Final exams are here!!

Monica and I are taking our final tests next tuesday, everything is a bit crazy now, studying, going to the library. It's like life has stopped for a few weeks and now you're supposed to be studying all the time but that's absolutely impossible. But when 11th of june arrives... that's gonna be AWESOME, eventually we'll have the holidays we have been looking for the whole year. Monica is going to London, and to Norway and a lot of her friends are coming here. I'm goingto do and exchange in an american family. In a village near to Boston and i couldn't be more excited. But even before that here it's time for "Hogueras"which means bonfires the official Alicante's fest, which is 4 days of party and the last day all the bonfires are burnt and firemen wet us because it's really hot there. If one day you have the chance to come to Alicante between the 20th and 24th of June, you should because it's always really funny, and you always do crazy things that will be memories you'll tell your children, just ad Ted Mosby does in How I met your mother.I hope you're having a good week now that we are absolutely not

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