After so long

Hi everyone, I know we've been a little distracted with the blogg, but you need to forgive us because we've been taking a lot of exams and we bolth wannna be doctors so that having great grades is really important. But we finish this friday so i hope we can take some pics and post this weekend something really cool. And we're also having parties so there will be a lot of new photos.

For today I have, a blackberry chocolate cake my family ordered for my little cousin Paula, and the rat is kind of a hamster she has and she loves it, she's always like Nala here, Nala there.

Then getting ready for summer with new shoes, not pretty new when it comes to fashion but always needed basic shoe, white converse

Then for my best friend's birthday I cooked a borwnie but it was so ugly, despite it was really tasty so to have a little realx with exams I made a really nice yogurt with it. Yummy!!

Hope you're having and amazing week!

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