Sicilia I miss you so much

There's nothing like this photos to describe a really wonderful week with friends and family. I've always been in love with Italy and I do have so many reasons. I just made a tumblr a week ago, it is hope you enjoy it!A lot of photos are from weheartit but also there are lots of photos of me and friends. And some of my trip to New York like this one which dad took from the top of the Empire State building.

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camilla Lvland

03.05.2013 kl.06:44

oh, how beautiful!

04.05.2013 kl.20:22

hhh nydelige bilder :)

Jenny Eide

05.05.2013 kl.13:20

herlige bilder<3

Monica Laia

05.05.2013 kl.22:15

Jenny Eide: thank u so much cutie!

Monica Laia

05.05.2013 kl.22:15

camilla Lvland: thank you loveee

Lotta Salbuvik

05.05.2013 kl.22:32

Det s KJEMPE deilig ut!!


06.05.2013 kl.17:28


Hedda Egerdahl

08.05.2013 kl.20:18

, s herlig!

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