Archena Spa- Alicante

Sweet Sunday you all.On easter holidays I went with my best friend to a spa near Alicante. Mum loves going to spas because our life here is a bit stressing and when we go there is as if time stopped for a few days. We sunbathe a lot, swin, go walking everywhere, eat really nice food and relax, relax a lot. My best friend is 15 years old, no one would say I'm two years older when they see us together. We didn't take so much pictures because as I said everything was bikini and bathrobe, I left even my iPhone at the bedroom. Do you like going to spas? I hope you have had a really nice weekend!

Monica told you about her time with norwegians friends so this was mine, I met them only a night at a party but it was funny so I leave you a photo

It has been raining a lot in Alicante so I have been using rainboots so much. Yesterday I was just wearing black HyM shorts which I showed you some posts before, a white primark shirt which was really cheap actually, zara jersey and militar green stradivarious coat. I went with some friends to but new converse and have some frozen yogurt, then we went to a bar to see the Real Madrid-Atletico del Madrid match. I'm a real fan of Real Madrid and Monica too, it's a thing that comes from family and it's placed in our hearts.

My dear friend Luz's birthday, we brought her cakes and brownies, you can't really see the cakes but they are bear face shapped sooooo cute!

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Lotta Salbuvik

28.04.2013 kl.17:11

Nice pictures!

Camilla isang Aulie

28.04.2013 kl.17:53

Nice :D


29.04.2013 kl.18:19

Sounds like a great holiday :D Nice pictures!

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