Jeg vil savne deg

Hei!! So today, after a wonderfull week, our norwegians friends left. It was too sad leaving them at the airport, we all cried, its unbelievable how much you can love a person in just two weeks, but this guys are so easy to be loved. Friendships for life were made, and memories will stay forever. These are some pictures we took, just a few. We will post some more when we get the pictures from the camera into the computer.

My beautiful friends Hanne and Emilie. They are amazing and I'm so greatful to have them

This is the last picture we took all of us (or most of us). I dont think any of us have enough words to explain this week. It was just amazing.

Tusen takk for en fantastisk uke. Jeg er glad i deg

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The Hsk

25.04.2013 kl.16:25

, s koselig med besk! Trist at de mtte dra hjem da, men det blir nok flere besk fremover :)


26.04.2013 kl.12:38

Super fin blogg!

Slesken - Erik

26.04.2013 kl.16:30

Masse fine bilder! Minner for livet der, eller? ;)

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