Here we are again!

This kind of cakes make my days, don't you get hungry just looking at it? Well I'm on a diet now, but Monica isn't, as she told you in the last post she plays golf like 4 times a week so she is really thin eating what she wants. And about my diet, I'm just eating healthier, I gave up with chocolate and our relationship came from time. My day consists in having normal breakfast, a piece of fruit and a glass of milk with biscuits. At school I eat a sandwich, or fruit again, it's better to it bread at that time and never in the evening. For lunch most of the food is permited, pasta, bistec or whatever, then in the afternoon just yogurt or a low in calories snack. Then for dinner some fish, vegetables, omelet or chiken. But the most important thing is doing sport, I go to the gym and play tenis, and sometimes I do some elliptical bike at home. I think you can never get fit without sport, because that's what helps you having a nice body.

I would never understand where does Moni find this kind of friends, I think this one is from Sweden but I'm not sure, I'll write it as soon as she tells me. But she is amazing,and has really nice photos but I can't put all of them in one post because you'll get bored.

And Norwegian students are here already!! Moni is the happiest person in the world now. Yesterday we wen't out and have some party and I met a lot of them and they were so funny and friendly. They have visited the town hall, the Santa Barbara castle, the beach,and Alicante's friday night party. Today they're going to Altea, wich is a village near Benidorm, and tomorrow Terra Mitica, a theme park which is in Benidorm too and it's really nice. Monica is loosing a lot of class, I'm a bit jealous because of that. I hope you are having a really nice weekend and you're doing some sport just like me!

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20.04.2013 kl.12:04

Fine bilder!


21.04.2013 kl.21:11

herlige bilder :D

Helene Kirkeby

21.04.2013 kl.22:49

s fine bilder!!


22.04.2013 kl.20:56

the cake does look tasty!! great photos :D

The Hsk

23.04.2013 kl.14:15

Utrolig koselig! S flink du er som har begynt spise sunt! :) Jeg hadde ikke klart takke nei til den kaken, haha.

Monica Laia

23.04.2013 kl.21:41

The Hsk:Hahaha that's nice!! Neither I am hahaha, but i'm trying to reduce cakes and all that stuff
lots of kisses

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