Happy weekend-lykkelig helg

Saturday night with Moni, exahusted after all the parties

My cute friend Alvaro

We are soooooooo sexy and we know it....

And Friday night, at Arturo's eighteen party, one of the best nights of my life.

Well, although I need to say everyone told me I was cute at the party I think my outfit was really simple. Just sequins shorts and black blouse, black heels too. The party was amazing, Arturo's parents closed The Hall, a really big disco in Alicante, and we were just 60 or so.We chose the music, old songs known by everyone. We were all friends so we sang and danced like tomorrow didn't exist, i was exahusted the next day, as you can see in the photos with Moni. The party started at 10 in the evening and closed at 4 o'clock, any other day I'd have fought with my dad to stay but, we we're all so tired, the only thing I wanted to do was to lay in my loved bed. I hope you had had a really nice weekend too.

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16.04.2013 kl.22:59

Hper du har hatt en bra dag. God natt, fine deg:):)

Helene Kirkeby

17.04.2013 kl.18:27

liker outfitet!

Charlotte Pettersen

17.04.2013 kl.18:45

Flotte bilder♥

Monica Laia

18.04.2013 kl.22:36

Helene Kirkeby: thank you so much!

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