Lena Lockyer

Moni's friend Lena Lockyer, the blonde. I hope you like the photos. This long weekend has been exausting for us, I'll post in a while some photos of us yesterday night with some friends.I'll hope you all are having a good weekend, now is time to study and be at home. This morning I've been in the beach sunbathing a little bit, preparing myself for summer, I want to be in summer right now...

And finally, the shorts that tomorrow will be mine after doing some shopping. Do you like them?

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14.04.2013 kl.16:10

H E R L I G E DEG!!!


14.04.2013 kl.16:56

Nice pics :)

The Hsk

14.04.2013 kl.18:50

Elsker shortsen! :-D flotte bilder, og!


15.04.2013 kl.15:49

Hei vil du bli ukens blogg? Se innom :)

Monica Laia

15.04.2013 kl.20:33

Belle: sure it is!!

Charlotte Pettersen

16.04.2013 kl.17:32

hrlige bilder!

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