Santa Faz 11.04.13

This is what I've been doing all monday and tuesday, studying really hard because we had a biology test on wednesday, but after that, we started preparing Santa Faz,and all that stuff.

My lovely friends

We had a really great time, it was really sunny and hot and everyone was laughing and having fun. As you can see in my outfit it was like a summer day. I had just bought the t-shirt on wednesday at Stadivarious, I think it is so cute. All the photos in the beach were taken with mobile phones so the quality is quite bad but, no one wants to risk having their cameras stolen, and neither do i. I didn't even take my iPhone, but the pics are with my friends phones. I hope you are having a really good week, today we don't have school either, so for us it is.


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12.04.2013 kl.10:32


Stine Olaug Eiken

12.04.2013 kl.11:09

lovely you are

The Hsk

13.04.2013 kl.20:39

, veldig flotte bilder! :-D


13.04.2013 kl.20:44

love your outfit!


13.04.2013 kl.21:21

gy :)

camilla Lvland

14.04.2013 kl.10:21

Du er s fiiin!

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