New projects for the spring break

Just getting a little depressed looking through summer pics in my computer. There's nothing like Spain to make us think summer should never end. For me it seems so weird to be in the photos, i usually do my best behind the camera, but in this photos i have to thank my dad and Arnaldo for their nice job. The cute girl with the long hair is my friend Julia, you'll be seeing her many times, she's one of this kind of people every camera loves.

Let me introduce us in a fast way. Our names are Monica and Laia and we want this to be a fashion blog, but in a different way. We'll put photos of different models, dressed mostly by us, but also respecting their own style. We're also really interested in photography and we'll show you a little bit about our lifes here in Spain and the cultures about our different models, from Africa, Norway, Germany,..

Hope this project can became something big with your help. Lots of love


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Hedda Egerdahl

03.04.2013 kl.21:35

s fine bilder!!


03.04.2013 kl.22:22

Wow!! beautiful girls! ♥

maria sanni

03.04.2013 kl.22:32

woow, stunning!


04.04.2013 kl.16:11


Victoria Venbakken

04.04.2013 kl.21:26

coool :D


04.04.2013 kl.21:52

beautiful pictures!


05.04.2013 kl.11:34

lovely! <3

Anja Karoline

06.04.2013 kl.14:39


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Monica Laia

Monica Laia

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We are Laia and Monica, 16 years old. From spain. Hope you enjoy reading our blog and seeing all the pictures! contact: