American life

I just came back from Boston, I've done an exchange for a month and it's been probably the best month of my life. American shops are just... amazing, I'm in love with American eagle, American outfiters, ForeverXXI, and I could keep going for a while. But besides people has been amazing with me, I've done so many interesting things.We went to Fenway Park , the Red Sox stadium, theme parks. nice beaches, sailing, we even went to New York for two days.Sorry for being out of this for a while, we two have been having pretty tight schedules, but now we are back, and we're gonna post some great pictures I promise.

Being sexy does not always mean showing

This has been the year of the baggy clothes, elephant leg pants, long skirts, ... They are an element that must be present in a closet of a woman, serve both to dinner to a big party. Some girls can afford to take them without heels, for others and for me it is not the case. They fit everyone and you can always find your type, in pants, skirts, wider, narrower, .. They are the clear proof that it is not necessary to always go with very short skirts or tight dresses, which sometimes suggest is sexier than showing.

There are some blogger how show some different ways to wear this fad. Hope you like it

Most inspirating wehearits- Happy summer to everyone

Only two weeks for Boston

Final exams are here!!

Monica and I are taking our final tests next tuesday, everything is a bit crazy now, studying, going to the library. It's like life has stopped for a few weeks and now you're supposed to be studying all the time but that's absolutely impossible. But when 11th of june arrives... that's gonna be AWESOME, eventually we'll have the holidays we have been looking for the whole year. Monica is going to London, and to Norway and a lot of her friends are coming here. I'm goingto do and exchange in an american family. In a village near to Boston and i couldn't be more excited. But even before that here it's time for "Hogueras"which means bonfires the official Alicante's fest, which is 4 days of party and the last day all the bonfires are burnt and firemen wet us because it's really hot there. If one day you have the chance to come to Alicante between the 20th and 24th of June, you should because it's always really funny, and you always do crazy things that will be memories you'll tell your children, just ad Ted Mosby does in How I met your mother.I hope you're having a good week now that we are absolutely not

Funny summer time

After so long

Hi everyone, I know we've been a little distracted with the blogg, but you need to forgive us because we've been taking a lot of exams and we bolth wannna be doctors so that having great grades is really important. But we finish this friday so i hope we can take some pics and post this weekend something really cool. And we're also having parties so there will be a lot of new photos.

For today I have, a blackberry chocolate cake my family ordered for my little cousin Paula, and the rat is kind of a hamster she has and she loves it, she's always like Nala here, Nala there.

Then getting ready for summer with new shoes, not pretty new when it comes to fashion but always needed basic shoe, white converse

Then for my best friend's birthday I cooked a borwnie but it was so ugly, despite it was really tasty so to have a little realx with exams I made a really nice yogurt with it. Yummy!!

Hope you're having and amazing week!

Sicilia I miss you so much

There's nothing like this photos to describe a really wonderful week with friends and family. I've always been in love with Italy and I do have so many reasons. I just made a tumblr a week ago, it is hope you enjoy it!A lot of photos are from weheartit but also there are lots of photos of me and friends. And some of my trip to New York like this one which dad took from the top of the Empire State building.

Archena Spa- Alicante

Sweet Sunday you all.On easter holidays I went with my best friend to a spa near Alicante. Mum loves going to spas because our life here is a bit stressing and when we go there is as if time stopped for a few days. We sunbathe a lot, swin, go walking everywhere, eat really nice food and relax, relax a lot. My best friend is 15 years old, no one would say I'm two years older when they see us together. We didn't take so much pictures because as I said everything was bikini and bathrobe, I left even my iPhone at the bedroom. Do you like going to spas? I hope you have had a really nice weekend!

Monica told you about her time with norwegians friends so this was mine, I met them only a night at a party but it was funny so I leave you a photo

It has been raining a lot in Alicante so I have been using rainboots so much. Yesterday I was just wearing black HyM shorts which I showed you some posts before, a white primark shirt which was really cheap actually, zara jersey and militar green stradivarious coat. I went with some friends to but new converse and have some frozen yogurt, then we went to a bar to see the Real Madrid-Atletico del Madrid match. I'm a real fan of Real Madrid and Monica too, it's a thing that comes from family and it's placed in our hearts.

My dear friend Luz's birthday, we brought her cakes and brownies, you can't really see the cakes but they are bear face shapped sooooo cute!

Jeg vil savne deg

Hei!! So today, after a wonderfull week, our norwegians friends left. It was too sad leaving them at the airport, we all cried, its unbelievable how much you can love a person in just two weeks, but this guys are so easy to be loved. Friendships for life were made, and memories will stay forever. These are some pictures we took, just a few. We will post some more when we get the pictures from the camera into the computer.

My beautiful friends Hanne and Emilie. They are amazing and I'm so greatful to have them

This is the last picture we took all of us (or most of us). I dont think any of us have enough words to explain this week. It was just amazing.

Tusen takk for en fantastisk uke. Jeg er glad i deg

It girls

Coachella festival 2013

Indie looks, I love them, and a

music fest is the best time to wear them!Don't you love Alessandra's looks? I do, and that's what is going to be this season about. Bright colours, really short trousers and flower patterned dresses.

Alessandra Amrbosio, is always perfect and she always finds dresses or jeans that fit perfectly with her amazing Victoria's Secret angel body. Street style, dayly galas or night partys, even at the red carpet she keeps teaching us how to find clothes that suit us. You just have to look at her in the golden dress. Which is a dress that would be perfect for any party right now.

And now that I'm talking about "it girls" I can't forget who is maybe my favourite one, character in my favourite tv serie Gossip Girl, of course I'm talking about Blake Lively. Every red carpet, every gala, everywhere we see her she's always in the top best dressed lists, lady, preppy, and always sexy. The woman who loves cooking, eating, acting and who does not have any stylist because she likes to dress herself for partys. .But don't think she is just as simple, she is friends with Chanel, the brand loves her and so does Carl Lagerfield. Loubotin loves her and her style too, and maybe her beauty, he just made the Blake Lively heels. And I could keep talking about every important person in fashion world who has been talking about the new american "it girl" who became a hit with the help of Gossip Girl, and then Savages,Green Lantern ... and who had dated Leonardo Di Caprio and then she married Ryan Reynolds

I love this photo and the dress, so etnic

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